For 34 years, FERCO Construction & Remodeling has been creating masterpieces for their clients and offering multi-family, residential remodeling and construction services. Specializing in everything from kitchen and bathroom renovations, new home additions, to customized carpentry, FERCO is here to assist you with your remodeling needs. FERCO partners with their clients to transform their homes and living spaces into works of art by creating unique designs for each remodeling project, all within their established budget and auspicious time-frame.

As a full-service custom residential remodeling company and a licensed, bonded and insured general contractor, Carlos Fernandez has been recognized for excellence in the remodeling industry. Our fully trained staff will respond quickly and efficiently to all your questions and concerns, helping to ease your mind through this very delicate process. Through quality work, our goal is to bring the residential dreams of our clients to life.  

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